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Nokia Lumia 625 vs Lumia 620- Comparison

Nokia has been pretty successful with Windows Phone devices and this is primarily due to the low end Lumia phones. Lumia 520 and Lumia 620 have sold well. Going by the success of these phones, Nokia has decided to launch the new Lumia 625. Lumia 625 is probably the Lumia phone with the biggest display. It comes with 4.7″ IPS LCD (SVGA 1800 X480), 201 psi, 2.25D curved and Corning Gorilla Glass 2 display with super sensitive touch for nail and glove usage.

Along with this, the phone also features the 1.2Ghz dual core processor and 512MB RAM. One of the surprises with Lumia 625 is the LTE connectivity in selected markets. Lumia 625 comes in variety of colors including Orange, bright green, yellow, white and black.

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Now the obvious comparison of this phone will be with Lumia 620 which was launched earlier this year. While in specs, they look very similar, the main change is to the bigger screen in Lumia 625 and also the new phone is slimmer.


Apart from this, Lumia 625 also features LTE support in certain countries where it is available. The processor is 1.2Ghz dual core when compared to 1Ghz on Lumia 620. The RAM on both the devices remain the same.

Here is a quick comparison of Lumia 625 vs Lumia 620;

Lumia 625 vs Lumia 620

So do you think Lumia 625 is good device?

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