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Google Apps (GApps) for Android Download

The Google Apps (also called as GApps) are the proprietary applications by Google included in many Android devices. Most of the applications can now be found and updated via the Google Play Store.Some of the apps include the Google Play Store itself, Google Talk, Google Sync (for adding and synchronizing Google accounts), Google Backup Transport, Car Home, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Search, Google Voice Search, Google Music, and Google Docs.


In case you are having core Android or OEM version of Android, these are included or you can install it from Google Play. In case you are having a custom ROM, you might need to install them separately as they are not included in the custom ROMs as mentioned by Google. So if you run a custom ROM here are the links to download GApps.


Android Jelly Bean (4.3)

Download GApps

Older Versions:

1. Jelly Bean (4.2)

Download GApps (not compatible with Android 4.1.x series) | GApps for 4.2

2. Jelly Bean (4.1)85785874558457845158412

Download Gapps

3. Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0)

Download GApps

4. Gingerbread (Android 2.3.x)

Download GApps

5. Froyo (Android 2.2.x)

Download GApps HDPI

Download GApps MDPI

Download GApps Tiny

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