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Quick Connect or Share WiFi Networks using NFC or QR Code

When you are using a Wi-Fi network at home or office and your friends or relatives ask you the password of the Wi-Fi network to connect to internet, instead of sharing the password and typing it, you can try sharing the network by using InstaWiFi. InstaWifi is a freeware app for Android phones which makes it easy for you to connect and share WiFi networks with your friends and family instantly through the use of NFC and QR codes. Simply tap your phone on a sticker, or scan a QR code to connect to a WiFi network.


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If you have a rooted Android phone, the app can automatically populate the current Wifi account password once you have provided access. If your phone is not rooted, you manually have to input the password.

InstaWifi is only needed to generate the QR code for your wifi network. Once you have the QR code, any Android smartphone with the Barcode Scanner apps. For the NFC features, InstaWifi needs to be installed on the device to read the NFC sticker correctly. With NFC feature available in the latest smartphones, this app can come handy to share the WiFi networks quickly.

Please note you shouldn’t be sharing your QR code with people whom you do not trust as the QR contains the Wi-Fi password.

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