Mountain Lion Skin Pack for Windows 8

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Skin packs or theme packs are often used to change the look and feel of Windows to resemble other popular OS. There are many Skin packs available for customizing Windows. Apple has released it latest Mac OS X, Mountain Lion and Microsoft has released RTMed Windows 8. Now if you want to get the looks and theme of Mountain lion on Windows 8, here is a new skin pack- Mountain Lion Skin Pack for Windows 8.

This skin pack will transform Windows 8 to Mac OS X Mountain Lion with Visual style and explorer button enabled after patching Windows 8 uxtheme.


The Skin packs have safe uninstall option, so even if you remove the theme, the files wont be effected or have any issues.

Home Page:
Mountain Lion Skin Pack for Windows 8

Download offline installer:
X64: Download
X86: Download

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One thought on “Mountain Lion Skin Pack for Windows 8

  1. Ravenous

    It says ‘safe uninstall’ that is NOT true, Uninstalled on a laptop (full uninstall) and lost video and important .dll files, had to reset whole win 8 laptop. Uninstalled all but uninstaller and reloader on my asus (it still works), turned my win 8 pro on my asus into a .vhd, loaded virtualbox, did a full uninstall of this program, lost video.


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